Concrete Repairs

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 Exposed Concrete & Remediation Services has nearly 10 years of Concrete Slab Repair experience working with clients across the United States. Our concrete experts have completed repair projects in commercial, industrial and retail environments for our customers. We work on concrete slab repair projects so often that in many cases we are able to point out to our clients possible issues before they may arise.

Exposed Floors repairs the following concrete slab problems:

  • Concrete Slab Repair and Replacement

  • Concrete Slab Crack Repair

  • Concrete Slab Floor Leveling

Helping You Understand Concrete Slabs

Concrete slab is a shallow, reinforced-concrete structural member that is very wide compared to its depth. A concrete slab is, typically between 3″-4″ thick, and is most often used to construct floors and ceilings spanning between beams, girders, or columns, while thinner slabs are also used for exterior paving.

Concrete slabs are built on the building site using form-work, a type of boxing into which the wet concrete is poured. If the slab is to be reinforced, rebar is positioned within the form-work before the concrete is poured in.

Exposed Floors can check the condition and will offer the best concrete slab repair solution to your broken slab. We’ve performed hundreds of concrete slab repair operations throughout the United States.

Things You May Notice with Concrete Slab Problems:

  • Unleveled floors

  • Broken floor tiles

  • Sloping floors

  • Bumps in carpet

  • Cracks around windows and door frames

Contact our experienced Concrete Repair Team today and let us help you solve your concrete slab problems.