Polished Concrete


Harnessing Beauty and Durability

Concrete has quickly become a preferred floor covering because of its high-traffic durability and substantial cost savings. Even more importantly, Polished Concrete is desirable because of its environmental benefits as a LEED qualified finish when low or no VOC sealers are used. More and more builders and home owners are choosing finished concrete over tile, vinyl and even wood floor coverings.

Exposed Floors will help you achieve the polished concrete flooring you desire. We offer both Topical Polishing and Dry Mechanical Polishing options depending on the price point, maintenance and sheen you want for your home or business. We also offer decorative concrete elements such as color dye, corporate logos and saw cuts to help you achieve your design goals.

Benefits of Polishing Concrete:

  • Stain Resistant
  • LEED qualified
  • Improves reflectivity, reduces energy consumption
  • Improves condition of old floors
  • Increases slip resistance
  • Easy to maintain

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