Decorative Concrete


Traditional acid staining process produces variable and translucent color effects unique to each surface.  Acid staining creates a fantastic patina, which is ideal to simulate the shadings of natural stone or create artistic faux finishes. During the staining process a chemical reaction occurs within the concrete and produces the color you see at the surface. An initial application of sealer and periodic maintenance will keep your floors bright and beautiful for decades and ensure the color does not fade, chip or peel.

Exposed Floors, LLC. uses a wide range of acid stain brands and will work with you to find the color that will best enhance your interior and exterior residential or commercial concrete floor space.

Benefits of the Traditional Acid Staining Process

• Superior color lasts longer than coatings or acrylic stains
• Color will not fade, chip, crack or peel
• Rich, natural appearance
• Abrasion resistant
• Easy to maintain

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